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Born in 1965 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Elena Kozhevnikova is a true creative, involved in many spheres of the art world. She graduated the Rostov specialized School of Arts (1986) and in 1991 graduated the Rostov State Conservatoire, specializing in Opera Singing (mezzo-soprano). In 2003 she completed the course of the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London and in 2004 she graduated the Moscow State University, Sociology Of Fashion specialty. Involved in many diverse projects, since 1991 Elena lives and works between Moscow, Russia and Palma, Spain.


(picture: Autumn Rhapsody III)

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PAKS Gallery International

Elena Kozhevnikova was represented at the amazing contemporary Art Fair in Complex du Louvre Paris. Director of PAKS Gallery Heinz Playner has represented international artists from around the world.

The Feedback of Art Collectors and the Press was wonderful.


(picture: Heinz with the artwork)


Artworks (“The Music of Metal” series):


  1. Fiery Reincarnation II
    Mixed media



  1. Molten Matter of the Core of Earth III
    Mixed media



  1. The Overture of Nanscence II
    Mixed media


  1. What move you by the creation of the artworks? (feelings, some life situations, emotions...)

Everything that surrounds me, everything I experience or feel inspires me. I am deeply moved by my childhood memories of untamed wilderness of my hometown, by my inner battles, the infinite space around us.


  1. What is art for you?

For me my art is my dialogue with the Universe. I feel I receive thoughts and ideas from up above, from space, from the stars, and art is my way of communicating it to the world.


  1. What goals do you have as an artist?

I want my art to invoke emotion in people. I want people to look at my artworks and feel them, not just see them, I want my art to provoke thought and reflection.


  1. There are artists who influenced you?

Of course there are artists whose work I admire, but to me nature is the best artist, art is all around us and you notice it if you just take the time to look. Learning to see the world this way is something that has influenced me the most.


  1. There is a work of art that has a special meaning for you and why?

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m immensely fascinated by space, planets, stars. It’s incredible to think of just how enormous of a Universe we live in and how many things are happening that we have absolutely no control of, stars are born, galaxies widen, planets collide. So one night I was watching the night sky and saw a comet cross the firmament. It was so magical that I just ran to the canvas. That is how one of my first series was born, and I still hold it dear to my heart.